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La Belle Maison is proud to be an official retailer of Earthborn paints, the UKs leading brand of eco paints.

Chosen for their unique, environmentally friendly and high-performance properties, we are delighted to offer the full range of Earthborn paints.

Why we love Earthborn:

Earthborn paints are 100% organic, natural and environmentally friendly, providing an exceptionally high-quality and eco-conscious alternative to traditional paints.

Made using carefully selected ingredients, all of which are listed on their tins, Earthborn paints are water-based and entirely free from oils, acrylics and harmful chemicals, as well as being virtually odour free.

Earthborn paint contains zero volatile organic compounds (VOCs) meaning they are highly breathable and completely child safe.

Using advanced manufacturing processes, Earthborn has created a range of paints that provide excellent coverage, extreme durability all while being safe to use and kind to the planet.

The Earthborn paint range has even been accredited with the prestigious Ecolabel flower symbol awarded only to products meeting the schemes stringent criteria and strict environmental and performance standards.

What Earthborn products we sell:

Here at La Belle Maison we offer the entire range of Earthborn paints within the 72 core colour collection. The premium clay paint gives a luxurious, ultra-matt finish on your walls and ceilings. Its thick, creamy consistency gives exceptional coverage and requires fewer coats than conventional emulsions. Earthborn's eggshell gives a sophisticated silk finish to interior woodwork and because its water based and totally oil -free it has no unpleasant smells and wont yellow over time. It also dries quickly allowing two or more coats in one day. La Belle Maison also stocks Earthborns wood stain, a water-based, environmentally friendly stain with a wonderful satin finish.

La Belle Maison is happy to provide Earthborn colour charts, or send them via the post. Samples of Earthborn paint, which come in 100ml pots, are also available for a nominal cost. We will help to answer any questions you have about Earthborn products and can help you choose the perfect colour and finish for your beautiful home.

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