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Little Greene Wallpaper

La Belle Maison is proud to be the official regional stockist of wallpaper from The Little Green Paint & Paper Company, an independent British manufacturer specialising in high-quality and environmentally friendly paints and wallpapers.

Chosen for their superb collection of historical wallpaper patterns and environmentally ethical production methods, we are delighted to offer the full range of Little Greene wallpapers.

Introducing the ARCHIVE TRAILS Wallpaper Collection from Little Greene

La Belle Maison is delighted to announce the arrival of Archive Trails, Little Greene's newest collection of historically-inspired wallpapers.

As its name suggests, Archive Trails is an enchanting anthology of English and French floral trail wallpapers, drawn from a number of highly respected resources, including English Heritage, Manchester's Whitworth Art Gallery and historical documents from France.

The new collection, which launched in January 2016, marries designs from the 18th, 19th and 20th Centuries encapsulating the enduring popularity of trailing floral and bird motifs in surface design.

The Archive Trails portfolio comprises seven wallpapers in multiple colourways (Vine - Bleu showcased above) with each design recreated in a contemporary yet timeless way, incorporating colours and scales to suit all modern day interiors.

The full Archive Trails range is now available to buy and sample from La Belle Maison.

Why we love Little Greene:

Over the last decade Little Greene has established a tradition for sourcing authentic archive wallpaper designs that have been preserved over the last 300 years and cleverly adapting their patterns and colours to suit 21st Century living.

A beautiful compliment to Little Greene's paint palette, each wallpaper is faithful to the period in which they were designed with many of the colourways boasting an authentic historic provenance.

Little Greene's wallpapers are created using the company's own traditional print techniques, which originally would have applied paint rather than ink, giving them a delightfully tactile feel and slightly textured appearance, achieving a timeless surface finish of the highest quality.

All Little Greene wallpaper is printed on recycled paper or comes from certified sustainable forests, where for every one tree that's used - another four are planted. Pigments used to print Little Green's wallpaper collections are completely non-toxic and their wallpaper paste contains no solvent making them one of the safest and most environmentally friendly brands on the market.

Working in collaboration with English Heritage and Manchester's Whitworth Gallery, Little Greene wallpapers span the 18th, 19th and 20th Centuries, acknowledging key periods and places of design.

Each wallpaper design also has a palette of coordinating Little Greene paint shades to truly lift the walls of traditional and contemporary homes alike.

Little Greene's commitment to the traditional and historical preservation of interior design, updated to suit modern sensibilities, gives their wallpapers an unparalleled point of difference.

What Little Greene products we sell:

Here at La Belle Maison we offer the entire range of Little Greene wallpapers.

We stock the full wallpaper ranges of each of Little Green's ten wallpaper collections, including London Wallpapers, II and III, Oriental Papers, 50s Line Papers, Retrospective Papers, Revolution Papers, Painted Papers, 20th Century Papers and as of February 2016, Archive Trails.

La Belle Maison is happy to provide Little Greene wallpaper samples and to assist with calculating how much wallpaper you need for your interior design project. We are available to answers any questions you have about Little Greene products and can help you choose the perfect design for your beautiful home.

Little Greene Wallpaper Collections

London Wallpapers: A collection inspired by eight historic wallpapers dating from 1760-1890 drawn from the English Heritage archives. Originally manufactured in London to decorate smart city and country homes, each design has a provenance tracing it back to the original house in which it was discovered. The archive has been bought back to life for the 21st Century with vivid colours and metallic finishes.

London Wallpapers II: The second book of designs from the archives of English Heritage. Based on documents ranging from small scraps to full drops of wallpaper, the designs have been redrawn and coloured to compliment the 21st Century interior.

London Wallpapers III: The third collection based on remains of historic patterns preserved in the archives of English Heritage. Comprising seven designs in a total of 35 colourways, each paper, whilst not an exact copy of the original, nonetheless maintains its essence and traditional feel.

Oriental Papers: Heavily influenced by traditional Japanese kimono design, this collection features dramatic blooms, delicate blossoms, bamboo and stylised landscapes of pines and water. The botanical and geometric motifs are complemented by a whimsical fan design, which pays homage to the collection's origins. Coloured in the key shades of Little Greene these papers are a true fusion of east and west. Associated paint colours from the Little Greene Colours of England palette will help you create the perfect look.

50s Line Papers: This collection of papers is another chapter in Little Greene's ongoing restoration of the best, yet often forgotten, wallpaper designs of the past. These eight patterns are drawn from original 1950s designs found in the extensive wallpaper archive at Manchester's Whitworth Art Gallery, and the collection is named in honour of the wallpaper manufacturer who commissioned the original designers, John Line & Sons.

Retrospective Papers: This collection comprises eight authentic patterns from the 1960s and 1970s and is the result of research into a variety of historical sources, including the extensive archive at Manchester's Whitworth Art Gallery. The 'Retrospective Papers' tells several simultaneous stories about interior design in the late twentieth century, combining hallmark 'retro' designs that embody the fashion for geometric patterns, two-colour silk-screen prints that echo the graphic quality of the pop-art movement, and more classic designs that drew inspiration from earlier periods, arguably nostalgic in their own time.

Révolution Papers: Aptly named as a result of Little Greene scouring archives in both London and Paris to source another ground-breaking heritage wallpaper collection. The title of this range refers not to the storming of the Bastille in 1789, but to the ground-breaking advances in the production and distribution of wallpapers in the ensuing industrial period.

Painted papers: More than 'just plain stripes', all ten designs in Little Greene's 'Painted Papers' have been reworked from historic patterns sourced from several archives, including those at English Heritage and Manchester's Whitworth Art Gallery. Faithful to the period in which they were designed, and with many of the colourways also boasting an authentic historic provenance, the wallpapers are nonetheless highly relevant for the 21st Century interior.

20th Century Papers: A compendium book of twentieth century wallpapers, specially selected from historic archives, including original documents at Manchester's Whitworth Art Gallery and private collections; all of them researched, reworked and re-coloured by Little Greene. Comprising twelve authentic patterns from as early as the turn of the century to as late as 1976, this book includes timeless designs from several key periods, notably the post-war revival of the 1950s and the ensuing decades, renowned for their design flair and creative dynamism.

Archive Trails: This collection from Little Greene is an archive-inspired anthology of English and French trailing wallpaper motifs. Trailing florals have been the subject of decorative pattern since long before the mechanisation of wallpaper production and the ensuing fashion for repeating pattern. Traditionally, the scenes depicted in early 18th Century interiors were painted by hand; in effect, bespoke murals. This artisan form of decoration was the precursor to the tighter, more structured designs we have come to understand and appreciate as conventional wallpaper over the last two Centuries.

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