Frenchic Paints

Frenchic Furniture Paint is an all-natural, eco-friendly paint that requires no stirring, shaking or the addition of water.


They don’t add VOC’s, toxins or solvents and it has virtually no smell, so great for painting indoors!


You’ll find that it is creamy, rich and easy to use so is the perfect paint for upcycling revamps.


As an added bonus, Frenchic Furniture Paint has endured rigorous testing and has been EN:71-3 certified, meaning it is safe to paint children’s toys and nursery furniture.


A great paint for upcylcling old furniture or breathing new life into chairs, tables, cabinets, dressers or beds. An all-natural chalk and mineral paint that requires no stirring. Creamy, rich and good coverage. 


Frenchic furniture wax has no hidden nasties and is an all natural, non-petroleum based wax, with no horrible odour. It is great for transforming your wooden furniture. Quick & easy to apply. 


The same great paint but with added wax meaning all you need to do once the paint dries is gently rub to buff it. A handy paint when time is of the essence, no prep or finish required. 


This finishing coat is made without any chemical solvent from non-poisonous materials, in an ecologically beneficial way. It is ideal for adding a protecting coat to your painted furniture and for those areas that come into contact with water splash i.e bathrooms & kitchens.


A hard-wearing and weatherproof chalk-paint range specifically developed to protect your garden furniture, while at the same time transforming your outdoor space into a colourful, trendy haven. 


FrenSheen is a natural mineral finish, available in 5 different colours, that can add a gorgeous metallic shine to your painted furniture. It is best applied by mixing the desired amount to the Finishing Coat - the more added the bolder the colour. An easy & fun product to use. 


These Italian handcrafted oval brushes are made with a careful choice of natural bristle to synthetic fibre ratio. This allows the brushes to absorb plenty of paint yet maintaining a brilliant shape use after use. 

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Choose from over 45 colours in three different finishes. If you'd like to see one of the Frenchic clour charts please pop-in to our shop in Allemans du Dropt, contact us via email or phone or request one via our contact page.