Fusion Mineral Paint

THE best furniture paint on the market today

We’re welcoming in the New Year with a showcase of our brand new paint product from Canada,  Fusion Mineral – One of the best ranges of products on the market for painting furniture. Not only does it out-perform all other chalk paints in terms of ease of use, coverage and in-built durability, it is also a safe, non-toxic product with a wonderful range of finishes and glazes. For all upcoming furniture painting projects look no further than this wonderful paint company Fusion Mineral. If you need more convincing check out our top 10 reasons for choosing this paint, highlighting its incredible properties and varied uses. 


Unlike chalk paint, which is porous so has to be sealed once painted, as well as waxed or varnished to make the paint surfaces waterproof, Fusion Mineral paint has been formulated with a built-in top coat meaning it is both waterproof and has a tough, durable and washable finish straight out of the tin. 

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Forget hours sanding down your surface before painting can start - Fusion Mineral paint requires minimal prep work. It can be applied to any previously painted or coated surfaces without priming or significant prep work. A quick rub over with sandpaper and wipe down and you’re good to go. 

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The Fusion Mineral Paint range contains 6 iridescent metallic colours that use pure mica pigments creating a shimmer unlike any other paint on the market. Choose from Copper, Bronze, Brushed Steel, Pale Gold, Pearl and Champagne to give your furniture wonderful metallic accents.

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There are over 50 colours to choose from in the Fusion Mineral Paint range – from stunning neutrals to bold and beautiful colour combinations there’s something to suit every style. 


Fusion Mineral paints are free from volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are lead-free and have been certified as non-toxic, meaning they don’t contain solvents that off-gas as they dry. Unlike many other VOC-free paints, our pigments are mineral based, and also do not add any VOCs themselves. 

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Fusion Mineral paint is self-levelling meaning that everyone, even first-time painters, will find their finish products looking sleek and professional. The paint leaves a gorgeous matte finish with almost zero sheen giving your furniture a beautiful smooth and modern look. 

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The tools you use for painting and upcycling projects are just as important as the products you use and with Fusion’s dedicated range of brushes and accessories there’s everything you need to get started with your painting projects.

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The Fusion Mineral range offers an incredible surface coverage of 75sq ft per pint! In most cases one coat is all you need meaning it’ll save you time and is more cost effective than many other alternatives. 

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You can still achieve beautiful distressed and ‘old’ finishes with Fusion Mineral paint. Although it is perfect without any additional finish, as it has a built-in top coat, there are some fantastic options for you if you do want to add some interest, age or a different sheen. The beeswax finish, is available in  a number of different colours including rose gold and pearl.  For high traffic areas you can apply Tough Coat with a sponge for a super solid finish and Fusion’s Hemp Oil wood finish gives wood, new or old a beautiful hydrated look. 

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The whole Fusion Mineral Paint range including the metallics, brushes, waxes, glazes and ultra-grip (a product that allows you to paint on glass, plastic or ceramic) are all available in your area. La Belle Maison in Allemans-du-Dropt carries full stock at all times so pop down to see the collection, including serval items of furniture showcasing the incredible colours and finishes.


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